Convert Image Into Various Icon Formats

As the name suggests, Pic To Icon Converter is a simple tool that can convert a picture into multiple icon formats. Simply upload an image from your hard drive and specify what format you want the resulting icon to be on. Options include ICO, PNG, GIF, JPG and BMP. You can also specify the desired size of the icon anywhere from 16 x 16 and 24 x 24 to 256 x 256.

They also have the specific size of 57 x 57 which is commonly used for iPhone icons. You can also choose to auto resize and/or auto crop the image to get it into a square shaped icon, or choose to resize without transforming. Another option available is to sharpen the image before converting it into an icon. Once done, the icon can be downloaded in your desired format and size.


Convert images into icons easily.
Choose from ICO, BMP, PNG, GIF or JPG format.
Choose from 10 different output sizes.
Options to resize, crop or sharpen the image.
No registration required.


ClipYourPhotos – Add cool effects to your digital photos

ClipYourPhotos is a free web tool that lets you do fun stuff with your digital photos to turn them into a piece of art. There is no tool to download or no plugin to install, simply upload an image from your computer or enter a URL of an image on the web and start adding effects to your pictures.

You can turn your photos into awesome posters, add a rippled reflection to your image, or add effects by bending your face or other body parts. You can also change the size of the effect, add cool frames to your photos and once done, save them on your hard drive. The site also has an associated tool, Bulkr, that lets you download photos in bulk from Flickr.


  • Add effect to your photos to make them cooler.
  • Add rippled reflections and photo frames.
  • Create posters from your photos.
  • No registration required.


MultiColr – Find flickr photos with specific color scheme

Multicolr Search Lab is a cool Flickr color search app which lets you find quality Flickr photos of a specific color scheme. It shows you a color selection box on the right and once you click on a color it pulls out pictures from Flickr matching that color selection. You could even choose more colors and get pictures of combined color schemes.

– Flickr color search

Like in the screenshot below, I selected 3 colors – red, brown and green. The resulting flickr pictures displaying a combination of these 3 colors were quite awesome. And keep in mind that these are all creative commons images which can be used in your blog or website with attribution.

– Flickr color picker

Overall this is a good website for flickr lovers and also bloggers who love to use nice images in their blog posts.


DropGallery – Free photo posting service with easy uploading & sharing

DropGallery was created by people who love their photographs as much as you love yours. Its creators have on several unfortunate occasions, lost all or parts of their photography collections due to catastrophic hard drive failures, lost or stolen computer equipment, as well as at least one accident involving beer.

Every time an incident like this occurs photographs are lost forever. DropGallery was created to provide you with the simplest, easiest, and most convenient way possible to safely back up, view, and share your images with your friends, family, clients, and co-workers. We want to provide you with a safe and simple place to store and share your images with whomever you choose.

We thought of other scenarios: a house fire, a flood, a robbery, where everything else you own is replicable except your photo collections.

Just about everyone knows that you should back up anything you do not want to lose, but in the end most people are too busy, lazy, or just plain forget. We only remember once it is too late, this is where DropGallery comes in. We wanted to make it quick and easy for people to backup their photos so that even those without spare time will be able to do it.

DropGallery is the easiest way to backup, synch, and share your photos. You can install DropGallery on any computer that you would like to sync some or all of your photos with.

The process is simple:

  1. Download and install the DropGallery application
  2. Register your account
  3. Drag photos into the DropGallery folder on your desktop

From then on all you have to do is drag and drop your photos into the DropGallery folder that appears in your Pictures file on your computer. We do the rest. You do not have to log into a website, or upload one photo at a time. Once you have installed the program and set up your account, DropGallery does all of the work for you. Just drag and drop your photos. DropGallery syncs everything you put in your DropGallery to your DropGallery Online. Your DropGallery Online is available for you to use from any computer anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. You can share your photos with your friends and family anywhere anytime by copying and pasting a link to your email and sending it to them.


  • A user friendly image hosting solution.
  • At the moment works only with Windows operating systems.
  • Does not require you to upload images individually.
  • Uploads in the background, without prompting your for input.

The free package on the site offers 2GB of storage; paid packages on the site offer more storage space.


PhotoSwarm – Create free photo websites

PhotoSwarm is a tool for those who are really into taking pictures, especially professional photographers. It lets you create free photo website and then use it to showcase your photography quickly and easily. You can upload your albums and add galleries without a hassle. Created photo pages are fast, show photos in a neatly organized fashion and include features like fullscreen view, theme customization, sharing via social media and tracking visitors via Google Analytics. Photographers can use it to sell their photos too.


  • Showcase photography easily.
  • Paid versions along with a decent free plan available.
  • Features like themes, fullscreen view, sharing and tracking available.
  • Backup on Amazon S3.
  • Pro version allows photographers to sell pictures and collect the money.