Twitter Image Hashtags Search

Hashalbum is a free to use website that lets you search for photos on Twitter via their #hashtags. You enter the tag without the ‘#’ symbol and photos are displayed according to relevance. The results are displayed as thumbnails on the left with stats and a permalink provided in the right pane. Clicking on a thumbnail displays the enlarged the image in a new page; this page has the image’s permalink and the other image results in a ‘filmstrip’ manner in the right pane.

So want to easily create a photo album of your recent trip to NY with your friends? Just use your own special #nytrip hashtag when you post your photos and it will automatically add your photos in real-time to a sharable album. No more complicated interfaces or controls, just easy instant sharing.


Free Creative Commons Content Search Engine

Videos, audio files, and images that are free to use commercially are a little difficult to find online. Given the number of sites offering such media, it can be quite time consuming to search each site individually. CC Search is one site that lets you search for free media from different sites under a single interface.

CC Search is a free media search engine that scans metadata associated with media; this enables it to give you access to the freely licensed content available from many popular content providers such as Blip, Flickr, Fotopedia, Google, Jamendo, Open Clip Art Library, SpinXpress, and Wikipedia Commons.

You select your source according to your desired media type: images, vector images, audio files, or videos. Then choose to search for media that is free to use commercially and/or can be modified. The search results are displayed on the source site’s page as if you conducted the search on the source site itself.

You can also choose the site’s old interface and view the results under CC Search’s own frame. The older interface also makes it easier to jump from one source to another through tabbed buttons.


  • A user friendly media search engine.
  • Lets you search for cc content that is free to use commercially.
  • Searches a number of popular content providers.
  • Lets you search for images, vector images, audio files, and videos.


Get Wonderful Good Quality Pictures For Free

Are you looking for free good quality pictures? If yes, then your search ends at “RGB Stock.”  It is a free to use website where visitors can obtain free high quality images and photographers can submit their high quality images. You can search the site for pictures using keywords, much like in any search engine. The image results are shown as thumbnails with their dimensions stated under them.

All images have a high resolution (up till 4000×2678) for optimum clarity. You can filter the search results according to their relevance or latest / oldest. You can also choose to view 24, 48, or 96 results per page. The photographers page lists all the top picture submitting photographers.

Other features of the website include viewing popular photos, viewing them randomly, and communicating with other photographers through the site’s forums.


  • A neat and user friendly layout.
  • Contains many high quality pictures free to use in personal and commercial projects.
  • Photographers can submit their own high quality photos.
  • Photographers can communicate with each other using the site’s forums.


WallpaperSearch – Free Wallpapers for Your PC

Wallpaper search engine where you can search and download free wallpapers for your PC dsktop. One handy featurewallpaper-search is the option to filter search results by wallpaper size (800×600, 1024×768, 1280×800, 1280×1024 and 1440×900).


  • Search and download free wallpapers for your PC.
  • Sort and filter results by size.
  • Clean and simple interface.
  • No registration needed.


Top 5 Black & White Image Search Engines

There’s something magical in the absence of color and there is something unbelievably inspiring in black and white photography. This is the oldest type of photography and still the most inspiring one.

Multicolr is a Flickr-based image search engine that allows you to search by color . To see only black and white photography, all you need is to pick colors from the last row:


Yahoo Image Search : Only few people know that Yahoo can be the best Flickr image search engine you’ve ever tried; mainly, because it has some useful search option that Flickr doesn’t. One of them is actually Black&Whit photos. Both options are accessed via Advanced search; there you can set the image color (black and white) and image source (check Flickr to only include photos from Flickr). Right there, you can also set the license filter to only search for images available for distribution:


Corbisimages is my preferred stock images search engine that both contains a high-quality selection of creative photography and offers a robust search feature with lots of features. I first learned about it from this image search engines overview by Edward Khoo and it has been my personal favorite since then.

Besides setting it to search through black and white images only, you can filter:

  • By Type (photography or illustration);
  • By distribution rights (royalty-free or “rights managed”);
  • By editorial type (current news, documentary, fine art; entertainment):;
  • By orientation (horizontal, vertical, panorama);
  • By date when the photo was created;
  • By photographer.


Bing Image Search : As an avid Googler, I feel bad listing both Yahoo and Bing and not mentioning Google; but here’s the truth: I love Google general search, I hate Google images search. It is both limited and irrelevant. I prefer Bing Image Search engine.

It has plenty of great search options (including a black and white filter):

  • Search by size (small, medium, large, wallpaper);
  • Search by layout (squire, tall, wide);
  • Search by style (photography or illustration);
  • Check special people search filters: just faces or including head and shoulders.

Besides, it offers a similar search option if you hover your mouse cursor over an image.


Picsearch is a good alternative image search engine to have by hand. It doesn’t have any extraordinary search options to mention. The only reason I use it from time to time is that it provides totally different search results – something I’d never be able to find using ordinary tools like Google or Yahoo.

“Picsearch uses its own technology to crawl the web and has created a searchable index of images…. Picsearch image search technology has three main features that make it unique. It has a relevancy unrivalled on the web due to its patent-pending indexing algorithms. Also, Picsearch has a family friendliness that allows children to surf in safety as all offensive material is filtered out by our advanced filtering systems. The site is also very user friendly as it’s designed to be simple, fast and accurate.”

Besides searching for black and white photography, the tool offers a few other nifty features like:

  • Filtering by size;
  • Filtering by type (landscape versus portrait for example);
  • Showing search suggestions.