Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine – Intelligent, Unbiased and Instant Assessment of Photos

ACQUINE (Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine) is a machine-learning based acquinealipronline system of computer-based prediction of aesthetic quality for color natural photographic pictures. We believe that this is an important step in computer science research because it shows that computers can learn about and exhibit “emotional responses” to visual stimilus like humans do. It has been developed at Penn State since about 2005. Dr. Ritendra Datta (now with the Google engineering office in Pittsburgh) was the main developer, working with Prof. Jia Li and Prof. James Z. Wang. The system was placed online for public use in April 2009. This is work-in-progress and hence it undergoes algorithmic changes from time to time, in an effort to improve performance. The work is Patent Pending. If you are interested in licensing this technology from Penn State, please contact James Wang.

What is Acquine Designed to Handle?
Acquine is designed mainly to assess the aesthetic quality of color professional photographs. It is NOT designed for computer graphics, artificially-produced diagrams, figures, paintings, composite pictures, casual family photos, screenshots, out-of-focus shots, advertisement images, cartoons, political photos, etc. Please do not upload objectionable photos or any photo containing private information that you do not wish to share with others. We remove uploaded photos inappropriate for this site. Full color photos are more suitable than black-and-white photos. The system is not designed to assess very low resolution images. Our recommended resolution is for photo images with 600×600 or more pixels. Acquine is not designed to rate the look or the attractiveness of a person.

As for most computer-based systems, it is possible to find special cases where the system is clearly not functioning as intended. For instance, one may find that a very poor quality photo gets a good score, or an award-winning photo gets a low score. A rule of thumb is that if the aesthetic quality of a photo is obvious to most people, it may not be worthwhile to seek Acquine’s opinion on it because Acquine may choose to assign funny scores in such cases. Please be serious if you would like Acquine to help you.

How to Use Acquine to Score Photographs:
There are three ways in which Acquine can be seen in action:

  • Uploading a Photo from your Local Disk
  • Providing an URL of a Photo on the Web
  • Show Photos Randomly Sampled from the Website

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