Get your Flickr Photos as a Screensaver

This screensaver uses the .Net Framework to get your photos from Flickr screensaver1and display them as a screensaver for your viewing pleasure. It features the ability to select a wide array of photos, including your own, your contacts, your favourites or a from a group or global tag.
Developed exclusively by Sam Judson it is being released here in open source format with the intention of giving the code a complete overhaul, along with adding many new features.

Current Version

The current version runs on the .Net Framework 2.0. It uses GDI+ and Windows Forms to manipulate the images downloaded from Flickr.

The current version contains 2 different ways of displaying your photos:

*Plain – Simply display the photo, with or without its title and author.
*Postcard – gives the photo a coloured border and the ability to randomly rotate the image, giving a Polaroid/postcard look to the screensaver.