Thumba – Clutter Free & Fast Image Editor

Thumba is an fast image editor that allows you to manipulate images on the go without installing any software/plug-thumbains to your computer. Using Thumba you can resize and crop your image, rotate it, flip it or and even produce a mirror effect. You can also tweak your image using one of several brushes including a blur brush, sharpen brush, color brush, spray, gray scale and pinch.

Moreover can also add various effects to your image using Thumba and adjust settings such as color, saturation, brightness, etc.

What makes Thumba really different than other online image editors is the underlying Microsoft Silverlight platform which makes Thumba way quicker than flash based image editors. Once you are done editing an image, you can easily save it to your hard drive.


  • Light-weight online image editor.
  • Use one of several brushes to manipulate the image.
  • Add effects like blur, noise, photo, distortion, etc.
  • Adjust image settings and add filters.
  • No registration required.