Dream Desktop downloads, cycles your favorites from 5,000 beautiful wallpaper images

Like having a stash of beautiful wallpaper images on your computer? Dream Desktop has several thousand to choosedream-desk-asdf from, and their free Desktop Agent program makes it easy to download and enjoy your favorites.

Install the Agent and head to its configuration screen. There you can choose which images you want to display — either random selections from those you mark as favorites in the search view (above, left) or anything Dream Desktop has tagged within the categories you choose — or both!
You can also specify the interval between wallpaper changes, customize the maximum size of your local image cache (the default is 100MB), and enable or disable updates and notifications. Desktop Agent can also be set to launch when Windows starts up, and you can select which category you want to appear first when opening the main program window.
There are plenty of stunning images available, though I do have two small gripes. Resolution could be higher (scaling leads to some predictable graininess on my 1920×1080 display) and there’s no support for dual-monitor configs. Still, I’d much rather see this on a customer’s desktop than Webshots…

Visit: dreamdesktop.net