Find DSLR Camera Reviews, Ratings & Tutorials From Experts

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for a great camera online? If yes, then you will probably be having a hard  time deciding which camera to go for. The technical specifications might be beyond your understanding. Thankfully you have digSLR to go to.

digSLR is a free to use website. Its main aim is to give visitors dslr camera reviews and ratings from experts as well as everyday camera users. This way the average person searching for a good camera can understand a camera’s actual worth and value.

The cameras on the site are given scores based on a 5-point scale, 1 being the lowest score. You can see how many reviewers of the camera gave it a particular rating. The reviews can be read by clicking on a camera entry.


  • A user friendly websites.
  • Find different Dslr camera reviews and comparisons.
  • Rates the cameras on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • Categorizes cameras according to their companies.
  • Contains photography tips and tutorials.
  • A very useful website for photography enthusiasts.