ZoomIt – Easily Embed & Share High Resolution Photos

Zoom.it is a free service for viewing and sharing high-resolution imagery. You give us the link to any image on the web, and we give you a beautiful new way to experience it — along with a nice short URL.

Zoom.it converts your image to the  Deep Zoom format, which lets you smoothly and efficiently explore the whole image, no matter how large. Check out  Deep Zoom Studio for examples of this technology in action.  Zoom.it runs on Windows Azure and enhances the experience with Microsoft Silverlight when available.


  • Convert any image, web page or PDF into a zoomable graphic.
  • Share using a shortened URL or embed on any web page.
  • Zoom in, zoom out or toggle full screen.
  • No registration required.

Visit: zoom.it

Picmeleo – Online photo editor

picmeoPicmeleo is a free online photo editor that any third-party developers can integrate to their website. We offer the smartest way to let your users upload and edit images for your service.

Integration and ease of use. Everything about Picmeleo is designed for easy integration to your website. The lightweight editor does not clutter your service and you can also fully customize Picmeleo’s tool box.


  • Embed a picture editor on your website.
  • Allow your visitors to edit images.
  • No additional bandwidth cost.
  • Pick and choose the tools you want to offer.

Visit: picmeleo.com

Make An Embeddable Image Gallery in Seconds

PictureSurf is a free service that allows you to create an embeddable gallery image116using your photos or any other images. Next the site also lets you add this image gallery to your website or you online profile. The site has a simple and intuitive drag’n drop editor that lets you preview the gallery as you make changes.

The gallery creation process is straightforward, here is how it works:

  1. Upload your photos.
  2. Label them, either one by one or all images at once.
  3. Customize gallery look (fonts, background and gallery title).
  4. Get the embed code and add it to your webpage

You can also install the WordPress plugin and create galleries directly from the control panel. Support for other blogging platforms coming soon.


  • Create image galleries online.
  • Preview photo gallery as you make changes.
  • Get an embeddable code to add gallery to your site or blog.
  • WordPress plugin available (support for other blogging platforms coming).
  • Already used by over 3000 blogs.

Visit: www.picturesurf.com