Flickr and Getty Images Want Your Photo Submissions

For professional and aspiring photographers alike, selling images to stock flickr-getty-gphotography services like Getty Images can be tremendous way to boost your profile and get your images seen more places in print or online. In March, the Flickr Collection made its debut at Getty Images, with photographs comprised entirely from the Flickr community and hand-picked by Getty’s creative team.

Eight months later, the collection has over 60,000 images. However, with more than 4 billion photos housed on Flickr, some great stuff is bound to have been overlooked. Today, Flickr has expanded the program so that users can submit a selection of their photographs to a group pool that Getty staff members will regularly review for inclusion in their collection.

Users can submit a portfolio of 10 images to the Getty Images Call for Artists group and selected group members will receive an invitation from Getty to join the Flickr Collection.

Before you submit any photos to the Call for Artists group, be sure to read all of the guidelines. Here are some highlights:

Your submission should be of 10 images, no more no less
You must be able to provide model or property releases where appropriate
Images cannot be licensed to any other users or through any other agency or distributor
If you’re not accepted into the collection, you can try again and submit 10 more photos the next month

We think it’s great that Flickr users now have the ability to submit some of their best photos for consideration. This means that even more great photographs will be available in the Flickr Collection and that even more photographers can get some professional exposure for their work.