Zoom and Share your images for free!

If you shoot high-res photos, and you’re looking for a way to show them off closr1that doesn’t take up as much space as the full-size image, but doesn’t hide all the details like a thumbnail, you might want to give Closr a look. Closr lets you upload a photo, and transforms it into a widget that viewers can zoom in and out of. That way, they can either see a thumbnail, or zoom way in and drag to look at different parts of your image.

The widgets also have some other useful functions, like a full-screen button, and another button that resets the photo to its starting size. There’s minimal branding and excess junk attached to them, too, so they’re not going to make your site look terrible when you embed them. If you have the particular problem of finding a way to display your large photos, Closr might be the solution.

Visit: Closr