Upload, Edit & Share Your Images Online With Imgur, The Simple Image Editor

Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities. You can also view the funniest pictures from all over the Internet. There’s no limit to how many you can share or upload, and uploading only takes seconds.

“If you’ve ever needed a quick online image sharing and editing tool, you should try imgur. I found the service to be very useful, especially times when I had to deal with online images for my blogs.

What do you think of the imgur free image editor? Have you tried it? Or do you use other similar online service? Share your thoughts and opinion using the comments below.”

Visit: imgur.com

Free Image Hosting for Craigslist & Other Classifieds

Addsnaps is a fast and FREE photo hosting website that allows you to easily add bigger and better photos to youraddsnaps classified ads. No registration or login is required to use the Addsnaps site. Simply upload your photos, then copy and paste the snippet of code into your classified ad. Add your photos to Craigslist.com, Backpage.com, or Ebay.com. Addsnaps works with any online classifieds site that allows basic HTML.


  • Upload any picture to share on sites like Craigslist.
  • HTML code for embedding is automatically provided.
  • No need to register; just upload and copy the code.

Visit: addsnaps.com

Free & Simple Online Photo Hosting

Imgur is a stripped down online photo hosting and sharing service that lets imguryou upload and share images with a minimal effort. There are many image hosting services nowadays, however Imgur has two features that set it apart.

First, its very simple, has no annoying ads and prominently shows a direct link to the image file, rather than the page that displays the image. Secondly, it provides a short link for the image address, which makes it more convenient for sharing (ex:http://imgur.com/2YRGQ).  No registration required.

It includes a simple editor that allows to resize and crop the image. File upload size limit is 2 MB. After you upload the image, you will get the usual code for embedding and the direct link address.

The service is free and if you donate some money, your file size limit will be lifted to 3 Mb.


  • Online photo hosting and sharing tool
  • Free to use, no ads, no additional features.
  • Prominently displays direct link to the image file
  • provides with short (ex:http://imgur.com/2YRGQ)
  • Supported image formats: JPG, PNG, and GIF.
  • Upload file size limit 2MB. Donate money to increase limit to 3 MB.
  • Free and no registration.

Visit: www.imgur.com