Cool Flickr 3D Viewer

Flickorama is another cool Flickr 3D viewer which lets you search and view mig_29pictures from Flickr as a 3D photostream. Browse results in different viewing modes including coverflow (horizontal and vertical), time machine, photo album and more. You can manipulate the photostream back and forth, left or right with your mouse, hence the 3D effect.

In search options users may adjust settings to search by media type (photos/videos) and sort results by relevance, date or interestingness.


  • Search and view pictures from Flickr as a 3D Flickr gallery.
  • View photo results as a coverflow (horizontal and vertical), time machine, photo album and other viewing modes
  • Manipulate the photostream back and forth, left or right with your mouse, hence the 3D effect.


Advanced Search Options in Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web‘s search feature has been improved and you can now filter search aircraftresults: choose an aspect ratio (landscape, portrait, panorama), select a size (small, medium, large or extra large), filter videos and view the files that are licensed using Creative Commons.

Just click on “show options” to enable the tool belt with advanced filters. The new options can be used to search the public photos uploaded by Picasa Web Albums users, the photos uploaded by your favorite users or your own albums.

Picasa Web Albums indexes tags, captions, album titles, album descriptions, and album locations, but many photos don’t have proper metadata and they’re not searchable.

If you’ve been using Flickr’s advanced search page to find Creative Commons-licensed images, Picasa Web is another place where you can find images that can be reused or modified.

Visit: Picasa Web

Similar Images Feature Refines Google Image Search

This video introduces our new Similar Images feature. Similar Images allows you to search for images using pictures rather than words. With the similar images feature, most images have a link below them that lets you find other images like them. There’s no need for you to refine the text of your query. Your new results will be tailored based on whatever image you select.

Visit: Google Similar Images

ImageShack – Free easy-to-use hosting service which allows you to upload your images and share them with others

ImageShack is one of the largest image hosting websites on the internet. mig_29They have a subscription service, but the majority of their revenue is produced from advertising related to their free image hosting.

“ImageShack’s mission is to provide an easy-to-use image hosting service for everyone.”


Quicker Flickr browsing with LiteFlick

LiteFlick is a fast way to see the most interesting Flickr photos of the day, liteflickresultand display Flickr search results in a nice-looking layout that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. It uses a jQuery lightbox plugin so you don’t have to load a Flickr page to see a larger version and a caption of each photo.

Flickr’s search results are great, and very detailed, but all the information they give you makes it tough to browse through pages of results looking for something you’ll know when you see it. That’s what makes LiteFlick’s 10 x 8 grid of photos so useful. You can scan through 80 photos in seconds, and easily get more details when you want them. The crucial feature LiteFlick is missing is a Creative-Commons-only search, which would make finding photos for blog posts a whole lot faster.

Visit: LiteFlick