Easily Set Up A Customizable Slideshow For Your WordPress Blog

Do you want to put up a slideshow for the images on your WordPress blog or site? Normally to accomplish this you would have to tackle with some coding issues. But with the help of Easy Gallery Manager, you can get the WordPress slideshow without dealing with any code at all.

Easy Gallery Manager is a WordPress plug-in with a download size of 32KB. In order to download it you simply have to share the site’s URL with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. With the plug-in downloaded and installed, your jQuery slideshow on WordPress initiates. To organize the images you simply drag’n’drop them. The plug-in also provides you with numerous customization options that let you change the transitioning, timing, and other aspects of the slideshow.


  • A user friendly web tool.
  • Comes as WordPress plug-in.
  • Lets you easily setup a jQuery slideshow without having to code anything.
  • The slideshow can be easily customized.

Visit: easygallerymanager