Basic Photo Editing Online

FlipMyPhotos is an easy to use online photo editor. It provides many common features of popular photo editing tools (such as cropping, rotating, red eye reduction, etc.) and all of it from a user friendly web site. Now you don’t need to install any complicated software just to crop your photos so you can use it from any computer in the world! It’s perfect for editing photos for Facebook©, MySpace© or Flickr©.


  • Basic photo editing software online.
  • Crop, rotate, flip photos.
  • Adjust image size.
  • Fix red eyes from photos.
  • Turn colored photos into sepia.
  • Adjust the image brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation.
  • Upload multiple photos simultaneously.
  • Monitor the upload status with a progress bar.
  • Download, email, or share edited photo.
  • Free, no sign-up is required.


Shows You How Your Face Changes as You Age

There are numerous image manipulation tools on the web that let you perform many fun tasks on your images. You can, for example, generate the images of children two people would have. Offering a similarly amusing service is In20Years.

In20Years is an image manipulation website, which is free to use. On the site you can upload the image of your face and see what they will look like in 20 years’ time. The results are often very amusing. Advanced image processing algorithms produce some entertaining results.

We can select our gender, the time we want to forward to (either 20 or 30 years), and whether or not we want to add the ‘drug addict’ effect.

The site features a simple interface with the homepage containing our selectable controls. After selecting an image, we wait for it to upload and process. When we see our results, we can share them to various networks through In20Years.


  • Simple user interface.
  • Unique idea.
  • Detects face accurately.
  • Provides us with a great way to have fun with our and our friends’ pictures.


Picmeleo – Online photo editor

picmeoPicmeleo is a free online photo editor that any third-party developers can integrate to their website. We offer the smartest way to let your users upload and edit images for your service.

Integration and ease of use. Everything about Picmeleo is designed for easy integration to your website. The lightweight editor does not clutter your service and you can also fully customize Picmeleo’s tool box.


  • Embed a picture editor on your website.
  • Allow your visitors to edit images.
  • No additional bandwidth cost.
  • Pick and choose the tools you want to offer.


Sleek & Free Online Photo Management Tool

There are several photo storage services and alternatives to Flickr online, but not many are powerful and reliable enough toimage_thumb137 encourage users to bring all their pictures to the cloud. 72Photos is a free online photo management and sharing app that hopes to change that. This sleek website can create online galleries and enhance your pictures with features that rival any desktop photo software.After signing up for an account, upload your photos or import your images from your Picasa, Facebook, or Flickr account. You can organize your files by tagging and creating customizable web galleries. In addition, you can set the viewing permissions for each gallery.

The sharing options of 72photos are pretty seamless. The app lets you create embeddable slideshows for your social networking accounts and a dedicated Facebook application called Photo Stage allows you to post impressive galleries in your profile. 72photos’ killer feature is its set of editing tools. Working with photos is very smooth and can be done in only a few quick steps. If you make a mistake while editing, you can easily revert back to the original image.

72photos offers a generous free account with 200MB storage and 10GB bandwidth limit, while the paid account gives you 5GB storage limit, unlimited bandwidth, and advanced editing options. 72Photos has all the elements of a great online photo app: slick, sleek, quick, and easily connected. This is certainly one of the best alternatives to Flickr we have come across.


  • Upload your photos or import from Picasa, Facebook, and Flickr.
  • Powerful effects and filters available for photo edits.
  • Photo Stage App Available for Facebook.
  • Embed image galleries and slideshows to social networking profiles.
  • Can organize photos by camera.
  • WordPress and Mephisto plugins available for blogs.
  • Free and paid options available.


Add Creativity To Your Photography Projects With A Little Help From Big Huge Labs

biglab6Digital photos are great, but often times we just post them straight to a website page or let them languish on our computers. For several years now,however,  Big Huge Labs has provided some awesome and practical photo related projects that can be done in a short amount of time, with very little computer skills needed.

The site includes over two dozen projects that can be printed and/or posted on the web. Projects include various custom poster ideas, custom trading cards, calendars, desktop wallpaper, a pocket album, a CD Cover template, slide show generator, and much more.