Dramatic Examples of Animal Photography

Sometimes we take wildlife pictures that we see in books and magazines for granted; seldom does it give you the impressions that they were taken easily. The truth is, photographing animals (especially in wildlife) is very involved, such a moment could only be told through some timely amazing shots. For someone who loves animals, photographing them can be both very fulfilling and frustrating at the same time.

Excellent animal photography requires experience, knowledge and patience.

Animals can make very eye catching subjects to photograph in wild. Taking wildlife photography in a place where the animals don’t fear humans makes your task a bit difficult. In their natural environment, animals often provide many opportunities for taking dramatic shots.

Let’s now take a look at some of these dramatic images of animal photography to see emotions in the wild nature

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Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free Microsoft product that can definitely give Picasa a run for its money. Although Iwlg1 prefer Picasa’s interface and organization a bit more, Windows Live Photo Gallery has the same basic features like cropping, people tagging, and simple editing. WL Photo Gallery’s exposure and color adjusting features are a bit more comprehensive than that of Picasa, but it lacks Picasa’s host of filters. As far as plug-ins go, WL Photo Gallery supports much of the same functionality that Picasa does, such as Facebook, youTube, and Flickr upload.

The main reason I love WL Photo Gallery is for its Facebook Upload plug-in. Whereas Picasa’s Facebook plug-in simply puts your photos and the associated captions in an album, WL Photo Gallery uploads your tags as well, which means that you can kill two birds with one stone! Upon upload, WL Photo Gallery pulls out the names you’ve tagged your pictures with, and compares them to the names of your friends, and automatically uploads these tags to Facebook.

For those names that WL Photo Gallery can’t match up, it lets you select the friend that goes with each tag. In the end, if you like having your pictures on your computer tagged, you won’t have to redo all of your hard work when you have to upload your pictures.

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Photo Management Simplified with Element Photo Gallery

If you are looking for a free application which can help you manage your elementbrowserwave3 photo collection, then Element Photo Gallery is a good choice. Element photo gallery is a very powerful, easy to use and fast digital media organizer and editor. Element Photo Gallery comes bundled with lots of features with a good user interface. This free utility can help you edit photos, crop photos, remove red eyes, organize and do much more. It also can create your own photo albums collections.

Element Photo Gallery also has an in build CD burner, so that you can burn your photo collection directly from the application interface.

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