Find Images Which Contain A Certain Color In Google Image Search

Did you ever see a red bird flying but did not know its name? How easy it is to google_image_search_limit_colorsfind the name of the bird you just saw with just two characteristics? According to Google operating system, it may be much more easier than you expected.

Google image search allows you to search images that contain a certain color, in this example you can search for bird images that are red in color, by adding a additional parameter to the search query.

By adding the imgcolor parameter to the search query you can limit the search results to only red birds.
(you can replace “red” with “blue”, “green”, “teal”, “purple”, “yellow”, “orange”, “pink”, “white”, “gray”, “black” and “brown”)

Definitely useful when you don’t know what you are looking for, but know the color of it, this will help you narrow down the results to something you can manage.

Find Image That Contain a Certain Color