Generate Magic Eye Stereograms Online

Stereograms (also known as Magic-Eye), a new way of looking at the world. Hi and welcome to the wonderful world ofimage_thumb11 Stereograms!

I remember perfectly the moment when I saw my first stereogram. I’ve been starring at my PC monitor for about one hour without seeing anything, my eyes were hurting and I was afraid to blink not to lose the “magic moment”. Finally, in the end, I saw the magic, and it was worth the effort. I never believed that something like this was possible simply by looking at a picture. In deed you can say you have a magic eye 😉

For those of you that have trouble seeing magic eye images there are a couple of pointers at the end of How Stereograms work page.

You can also Build your own Magic Eye 3D Stereogram based on a mask or a text at your choice. You realy need to try the new text stereogram generation, I’ve parameterized a bit the algorithm and now it gives easier to read text stereograms. Also, hopefully to come – autostereograms, something easier to see.

  • Select a mask and pattern of your choice to generate the stereogram.
  • Create 3D text based stereogram so you can send secret messages.
  • Change the font type and size.
  • Select from more than 200 patterns and 200 masks.
  • You can also upload your own pattern.
  • View and comment on different stereograms generated by other users.
  • Print a poster with your created stereogram
  • Visit: