Pummelvision creates beautiful videos from Flickr and Facebook images

Pummelvision flashes your life before your eyes using photos from around the web.
This is a service designed to grab your photos and pummel them into a short YouTube or Vimeo montage for you. Instead of watching a slow slideshow of your photos, you’re hammered with hundreds of them in a few short minutes. It’s quite a blast to see your pictures thrown back at you like this!

Before you start, keep in mind that this is a public tool. When you make a Pummelvision clip of your photos, the video clip will be featured in the Pummelvision gallery and publicly on your YouTube/Vimeo channel. Don’t use private photos!

You can make Pummelvision clips from all sorts of online photo collections including Flickr, Dropbox, Tumblr, DailyBooth or Facebook. All options except Tumblr use a form of secure authentication. Tumblr is simply brought in via URL. There are no extra security options, so private photos in these collections will be included. If unsure, don’t connect a service where you might have private photos.

Visit: pummelvision.com

Download HD Videos off Youtube

KeepHD is a sweet tool that lets you download HD videos off Youtube! Not only download_youtubehdcan you download HD copies of your movies, you can also download the mobile 3GP version for your mobile devices plus the standard MP4 and FLV format. Just enter your Youtube video URL below, and KeepHD will automatically grab each version of the video you want to download.

Visit: YouTube Videos- KeepHD

YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, and Yelp Content Now Available Through Gmail

Google rolled out yet another new feature for Gmail Labs today that makes gmailpicasamultimedia content more easily accessible through the Webmail service. The Preview feature lets users view content from YouTubes, Picasa, Yelp, and Flickr in their e-mail.

Once the feature is enabled through the Labs tab (located under Settings), photos from Flickr and Picasa; videos from YouTube; and ratings and phone numbers from restaurants in Yelp will be embedded directly into e-mail messages.

For more information check out the Official Gmail Blog.