Shows You How Your Face Changes as You Age

There are numerous image manipulation tools on the web that let you perform many fun tasks on your images. You can, for example, generate the images of children two people would have. Offering a similarly amusing service is In20Years.

In20Years is an image manipulation website, which is free to use. On the site you can upload the image of your face and see what they will look like in 20 years’ time. The results are often very amusing. Advanced image processing algorithms produce some entertaining results.

We can select our gender, the time we want to forward to (either 20 or 30 years), and whether or not we want to add the ‘drug addict’ effect.

The site features a simple interface with the homepage containing our selectable controls. After selecting an image, we wait for it to upload and process. When we see our results, we can share them to various networks through In20Years.


  • Simple user interface.
  • Unique idea.
  • Detects face accurately.
  • Provides us with a great way to have fun with our and our friends’ pictures.