A simple and free editor that looks a lot like Photoshop

This is an online free photo editor with simple photo editor tools to basic alilg-free-online-photo-editorphoto editor tools. a free online photo editor which you can access to internet. with the free online photo editor you can easy create new image and edit it, you can import photos to your image document or as firstly open an image from your computer to edit. the online photo editor can insert filter effects on your photos, for example with Grayscale filter you can make your colorful photos to grayscale photos, or you can use of negative filter on your photos or blur filter. this free online photo editor can change brightness and contrast on your photos easy just by select it from menu. with colorize mod you can made the grayscale photos colorful and edit photos colors. the online foto editor have a great color picker to generate any color you want easy exactly like photoshop photo editor colorpicker. with rectangle tool you can create many of rectangles with different colors on your image document or photo just by select rectangle tools from toolbox linke any another image editor. you can move to up-down-left and right of the workshop area by arrow keys from your keyboard. This Online Photo Editor offer you: Create new image, Merge several photos with them, Severance photos with layer box, Write text on photos plus text option, Blur/ Grayscale/ Negative filter effect, Opacity parcent control, Color overally opacity parcent control, Color overally change color, Advanced Color picker (unlimit color), Crop Tool, Ractangle Tool.

Limitations: Maximum size of photo: 150kb Open/Import, Maximum dimension of photo: 790 x 550 these limitations may be will remove at future. Click ON BLUE BUTTON (Run button), TO OPEN UP THE ONLINE PHOTO EDITOR.

Requirement to play IE 6+ or FF 1+Javascript enable

Visit: www.alilg.com