iaza – Free online image conversion

There are thousands of tools on the web that let you do a resize, convert to PNG or some other specific function. Iaza does them all. Iaza is one of the most feature-rich web apps to convert, edit, mix and create images online. You can convert images to 5 different formats, enhance or adjust the image, or tweak contrast, brightness, sharpness and more.

In terms of editing, you can rotate, crop, resize, trim, spin, stretch, flip, deform or blur an image. You can apply various styles and effects as well as animate the image. All you need to do is upload an image from your computer or enter the URL of an online image, and start playing around. The web version requires no registration and the app is also available on iPhone and Android.


  • Convert & edit photos online.
  • Convert image between 5 different formats.
  • Enhance, adjust or tweak image with tens of options.
  • Animate or add new effects.

Visit: iaza.com

Paint.NET Plugin Lets You Open Photoshop Files

If Paint.NET is your editor of choice and you find yourself needing to open paint.PSD Photoshop files, this plugin will help you introduce .PSD images into your Paint.NET workflow.

The plugin doesn’t replicate all of the numerous functions of the .PSD file, just the ones that relate to functionality within Paint.NET. You can work with layers, load masks, and open a variety of color modes and profiles. Because of the limited integration with the .PSD file, the plugin is best suited for pulling a .PSD file into Paint.Net and converting it to be used in your Paint.NET workflow. Working with it in Paint.NET and then trying to bring it back into Photoshop is a bit dicier as far as compatibility goes and can have unexpected results. PSDPlugin is free and required Paint.NET 3.0+.

Visit: Paint.NET PSDPlugin