Digital Image Processing Tool

Digital Image Tool is a free digital image processing software that has been specifically designed to batch process digitalimagetoolscreenshotimages. The developers state that it is a portable software program although it is only supplied as an installer which is somewhat confusing. It is likely that the software can be copied anywhere after the initial installation but it would probably be better if a portable version of the software program would be offered on the developer’s homepage as well.

The digital image processing software can be used to load and process multiple images and photos. The images that are loaded into the software are displayed in the left sidebar with the selected image being show in a preview area on the right.

Basic options to process the image are available including rotating or cropping the image. A link to the default image editor on the system can be added to quickly open the image in that editor for advanced image processing.

The lower part of the screen contains two tabs that offer additional options and settings. The save location, file type and quality can be configured in the first tab while the second one contains resizing options. Multiple images can be selected at once to process them together. That’s an interesting option for users who want to rotate, crop or resize several images in short time.

The digital image processing software is semi-automatic. There are tools out there that need to be configured once and will apply the configured settings to all images that have been loaded into the software. This tool gives the user more control over the process.

The Digital Image Tool is compatible with the Windows operating system and can be downloaded from the developer’s website.