Tiltomo – Tool For Searching Flickr Images By Color & Theme

Welcome to Tiltomo. Here you can play with our Visual Search code using two sample databases from flickr. Getting started is easy, search for a tag or click random. Look for an image you like, click one of the Find Similar links under the image. You have two Find Similar modes to choose from:

– Theme : Analysis of (Subject / Color / Texture)

– Color / Texture : Analysis of (100% Color / Texture)


  • Search for photos with similar themes on Flickr.
  • Start with recently uploaded, tag specific or random photos.
  • Click on a thumbnail to visit actual Flickr page.
  • No registration required.

Visit: tiltomo.com

ClipYourPhotos – Add cool effects to your digital photos

ClipYourPhotos is a free web tool that lets you do fun stuff with your digital photos to turn them into a piece of art. There is no tool to download or no plugin to install, simply upload an image from your computer or enter a URL of an image on the web and start adding effects to your pictures.

You can turn your photos into awesome posters, add a rippled reflection to your image, or add effects by bending your face or other body parts. You can also change the size of the effect, add cool frames to your photos and once done, save them on your hard drive. The site also has an associated tool, Bulkr, that lets you download photos in bulk from Flickr.


  • Add effect to your photos to make them cooler.
  • Add rippled reflections and photo frames.
  • Create posters from your photos.
  • No registration required.

Visit: clipyourphotos.com

The Big Picture – news stories in photographs

One of the web’s most important outlets of professional photography, The Big Picture is the official photo blog of The Boston Globe newspaper. The photographs featured come straight from some of the world’s top news agencies such as the Associated Press and Reuters.

Without paying a small fortune, many of us would not get to see such well-thought out, professionally executed and critically selected photo sets from a variety of photographers in every corner of the globe.

World news headlines, seasonal events and even celestial happenings are documented with stunning, thought-provoking photographs. The website is also fully compatible with the excellent CoolIris, meaning you can browse some of the best pictures online from a very sexy interface.

One to stick in your bookmarks for sure.

Visit: boston.com/bigpicture

Browse & Create Cool 3D Pictures

Taking 3D Photographs: Getting started in 3D photography is easy. Just take two side-by-side photographsstart3d approximately eye distance apart with your normal camera. It’s very important not to move the camera too much in between the two shots – for best results, we suggest you move only about an inch per four feet of distance to the subject (2cm per meter of distance to the subject). Make sure both of your photographs are in focus and well lit. You should end up with two .JPG files. If necessary, rotate them to be the right way up.

Creating Albums: After registering, go to your albums page (click on ‘My albums’), and click on the button that says ‘Create Album’. Fill out the title for the album and choose whether it will be public (viewable by anyone) or private (viewable only by yourself and people you share it with) and click the ‘Create album’ button to continue.

Uploading Photographs: Upload the JPG taken from the view of your left eye in the left column, and the JPG taken from the view of your right eye in the right column. Click the ‘Upload’ button and wait for the upload to complete. Fuji REAL 3D users should change the setting to upload MPO files; each MPO file contains two pictures.

Making a Piku-Piku: That’s it! Your photographs are being turned into ‘Piku-Piku’, an exciting new way to experience 3D photographs without glasses. A thumbnail will appear on your album page when it’s done, usually in about 10 seconds.

  • Create 3D photos easily.
  • Browse through hundreds of public 3D photos.
  • Rate, comment and embed 3D photos on the web.
  • Use the slider to change the depth of any photo.
  • The service is free while in Beta.
  • Visit: start3d.com

    Windows Live Photo Gallery

    Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free Microsoft product that can definitely give Picasa a run for its money. Although Iwlg1 prefer Picasa’s interface and organization a bit more, Windows Live Photo Gallery has the same basic features like cropping, people tagging, and simple editing. WL Photo Gallery’s exposure and color adjusting features are a bit more comprehensive than that of Picasa, but it lacks Picasa’s host of filters. As far as plug-ins go, WL Photo Gallery supports much of the same functionality that Picasa does, such as Facebook, youTube, and Flickr upload.

    The main reason I love WL Photo Gallery is for its Facebook Upload plug-in. Whereas Picasa’s Facebook plug-in simply puts your photos and the associated captions in an album, WL Photo Gallery uploads your tags as well, which means that you can kill two birds with one stone! Upon upload, WL Photo Gallery pulls out the names you’ve tagged your pictures with, and compares them to the names of your friends, and automatically uploads these tags to Facebook.

    For those names that WL Photo Gallery can’t match up, it lets you select the friend that goes with each tag. In the end, if you like having your pictures on your computer tagged, you won’t have to redo all of your hard work when you have to upload your pictures.

    Visit: Windows Live Photo Gallery