Seashore – A Free Lightweight Image Editor For Your Mac

Seashore is an open source image editor for Mac OS X’s Cocoa framework. It features gradients, textures and anti-aliasing for both text and brush strokes. It supports multiple layers and alpha channel editing. It is based around the GIMP’s technology and uses the same native file format.

However, unlike the GIMP, Seashore aims to serve the basic image editing needs of most computer users, not to provide a replacement for professional image editing products. Also, unlike GIMP, Seashore has an all-new Cocoa UI that will fit right in on Mac OS X.

Seashore was created by Mark Pazolli who led the project until the end of 2009.


Google Buys Picnik

It’s difficult to understand why Google didn’t develop an online photo editor: it would’ve integrated with Picasa Web Albums, Google picnikDocs and other Google services. Right now, Picasa Web Albums is just an online extension of Picasa, a popular software that lets you manage your photos. Unlike Picasa Web Albums, most Google services work online and don’t require additional applications.

Instead of migrating Picasa online, Google acquired Picnik, an online photo editor that already integrates with Picasa Web Albums and many other photo services.

“Today, we’re excited to announce that Google has acquired Picnik, one of the first sites to bring photo editing to the cloud. Using Picnik, you can crop, do touch-ups and add cool effects to your photos, all without leaving your web browser,” mentions Google’s blog.
Picnik will not be discontinued and Google promises that the service will continue to support all the existing partners, but I suspect that Flickr will no longer use it as the default photo editor.

Visit: Picnik

Sketchpad is a web-based painting app that doesn’t use Flash

It’s a bit early to start claiming that Flash’s days are numbered, but there are a few of us that are frustrated with Flash’s performance sketchpad(and crashiness). If you’re starting to get frustrated about dealing with Flash, but are still craving full-featured web applications, there’s some good news on the horizon. New apps are starting to get developed with comparable functionality to Flash, but with no Flash in sight. Sketchpad is a great example of this.

Sketchpad is a nicely designed web-based painting and drawing application. It’s not going to replace Photoshop, but it’s certainly full-featured and fast enough for quick edits. In fact, Sketchpad is surprisingly frugal with processor cycles, and snappier than I’ve come to expect from similar web apps.

Visit: Sketchpad

Thumba – Clutter Free & Fast Image Editor

Thumba is an fast image editor that allows you to manipulate images on the go without installing any software/plug-thumbains to your computer. Using Thumba you can resize and crop your image, rotate it, flip it or and even produce a mirror effect. You can also tweak your image using one of several brushes including a blur brush, sharpen brush, color brush, spray, gray scale and pinch.

Moreover can also add various effects to your image using Thumba and adjust settings such as color, saturation, brightness, etc.

What makes Thumba really different than other online image editors is the underlying Microsoft Silverlight platform which makes Thumba way quicker than flash based image editors. Once you are done editing an image, you can easily save it to your hard drive.


  • Light-weight online image editor.
  • Use one of several brushes to manipulate the image.
  • Add effects like blur, noise, photo, distortion, etc.
  • Adjust image settings and add filters.
  • No registration required.


Top Notch Photoshop Tutorials Collection

Photoshop is an amazing image editing software that lets you do unthinkable tutzoreffects with images and photos. While there are many tutorials online that teach you how to use Photoshop, Tutzor lists collection of high quality photoshop tutorials that show how to achieve concrete effects with step-by-step illustrated instructions.

For instance, you can learn how to design your own war movie poster or how to get a Star Wars text effect, apply water effect on the image and more. Each tutorial includes high quality images with step-by-step illustrations. Browse tutorials by type (Design, Drawing, Text Effects, Interface etc) or search by keywords.


  • Free high quality Photoshop tutorials with detailed examples.
  • Step by step illustration on how to achieve specific effects in Photoshop.
  • Browse tutorials by type (Design, Drawing, Text Effects, Interface etc).
  • Submit your own tutorial and get some cash. (100$ per tutorial)