Mc Donell Douglas DC-9-32, YU-AHT , JAT Flight 367, AZ Model, Scale 1/144 By Zoran Sivcev, Airliners Collection

Yugoslav Airlines Flight 367 was a Mc donell Douglas Dc-9  aircraft (registration YU-AHT) which exploded shortly after overflying  Hermsdorf, East germany, while en route from Stockholm  to Belgrade on 26 January 1972. The aircraft, piloted by captain Ludvig Razdrih, broke into two pieces and spun out of control, crashing near the village of  Srbska Kamenica in Czehoslovakia  (now the Czech republik). 27 of 28 of those on board were killed upon ground impact; but one crew member,Vesna Vulovic, survived.


DC9 Yugoslovenski Aerotransport YU-AHTmc-douglas-dc-9-yu-aht1