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Aerodrom Batajnica-Dan Otvorenih Vrata-Open Day 22.05.2010.

Retko lep prolecni dan u nizu kisnih i sumornih dana,prosao je (bar meni)onako kako se samo pozeleti moze.Dan otvorenih vrata, aerodrom Batajnica ,avioni,poznati likovi i nesto malo onoga zbog cega je ovaj dan i zamisljen tj aviona.KAo da je vreme stalo na najvecem Srpskom Vojnom Aerodromu.Licilo je sve to na jedan veliki muzej pod vedrim nebom.Ljubaznost domacina je bila na zavidnom nivou,poseta vise nego skromna a uslovi za slikanje idealni.Izostao je letacki deo mada to nije umanjilo sav taj dogadjaj.Toliko prostranstvo za nekoliko vazduhoplova koji su davno sleteli u istoriju vazduhoplovstva na ovim prostorima.NAjzanimljiviji detalj je kamuflazna mreza preko G4.Kako mi je rekao jedan stariji oficir,takvu “sliku” nije video pd 1999 kada su avione sakrivali od NATO bombi.Igra svetla na avionu je bila neverovatna!Toliko od mene.

Create Videos From Photos In Seconds

Flixtime turns your photos and videos into stunning and unique videos in just minutes! Sign-up for a free account, andflixtime upload your images, videos and music. Then, sit back and watch your masterpiece come together!

What’s great about Flixtime is that the videos created are already uploaded online which is very convenient since you don’t have to upload them. You can even link your YouTube account with Flixtime for easy sharing. Flixtime is a useful app that can help create your video in seconds.


  • Create music videos easily.
  • Use media from Flixtime’s Media and Music lounge.
  • Render you video in various formats.
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  • Link your YouTube account.
  • Download the videos you created.

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Adobe demos awesome new masking technology for Photoshop

Adobe’s working on some new selection and masking tools for the next version of Photoshop. Ever since the Extract filter was removed in Photoshop CS4, Adobe has had plans to bring its various parts back as built-in tools. newadobemaskingtechThe first part of that is a new selection tool that’s already being demoed over at John Nack’s Adobe blog. The future of selection in Photoshop looks pretty bright, because this tool grabs edges really accurately.

In the demo, the new tools makes a great-looking mask from a low-res photo of a cat and a baby. There’s tons of detail, but the tool differentiates between hard and soft edges. They even manage to grab a cat whisker with a little extra brushing. Nice! With all the heat Adobe’s taking over Flash video right now, it’s easy to forget the really impressive tools they’ve built for the Creative Suite apps, and it looks like they’re only getting better.

Check out the demo video at high resolution on Facebook.

Flickr’s search function gets a facelift

Today we’re pleased to announce a redesign of our search results page. The changes we’ve introduced make it easier mig-29to browse through the billions of photos and videos on Flickr, and to connect to the communities that help make sense of all those photos.

A good way to see what’s changed is to search for something right off the top of your head. Take this search for delicious rhubarb pie, for example.

Note the new “View” controls at the top of the page, these allow you to display the results in different sizes and formats. Both small and medium views have an ‘i’ icon on every thumbnail — click it to see more detailed information about a particular photo. We’re also doing some whiz bang stuff in the small view to take advantage of as much space as you have on your screen, just try resizing your browser to see.

On the right side of the page we try to provide a new perspective on your search. Based upon how our members are tagging their photos and participating in the Flickrverse, you’ll see links to the groups, photographers, tag clusters and places that are most closely related what you’re looking for. We hope these will occasionally provide a little extra inspiration for your search.

Lastly, we’re exposing simple summary information on the page as you refine your search. For example, try looking for Creative Commons licensed videos of dogs made after 1st January 2009 and you’ll see all that information listed above your search. Over time, we’ll bring more and more advanced features directly into the page.

If you’ve feedback or bugs, please head over to the Help Forum — we want to hear from you.