Make and Print Cool Photo Kaleidocycles

If you are looking for a whole new different way to show off your pictures, then you should bookmark Kaleidocycle.image_thumb19 This online tool generates ready-to-fold pictures and provides a quick three-step instruction for making kaleidocycles.

You can start creating a kaleidocycle by uploading four images or choosing from their gallery. Then submit your picture choices so that you can download and print the final results. Now all that’s left to do is cut, fold, and glue it accordingly from the instructions in the website.

Kaleidocycle is one of the many paper-art resources featured in this website. In addition, Foldplay teaches you how to make origami and paper models. This website is an ideal avenue for creative and DIY types who need a simple project to kill time while being productive.


  • Lets you make your own full color kaleidocycle from your own pictures.
  • Free; no sign-up required.
  • Three-step instructions helps you make kaleidocycles easily.


VidiNotes – Create Printable Notes From A Video

Videos are awesome but there are many situations where video doesn’t suffice and you wish you could havevidinotes the content in print. VidiNotes is a neat little tool to do exactly that.

VidiNotes lets you capture up to 30 different images from any FLV video, add notes to them and generate a printable PDF from them. You can upload any video up to 25MB in size and once it is uploaded, just play the video and start capturing screens. Next to each captured screen is the option to add notes and a note title. You can pause the video anytime or even go forwards and backwards by dragging the bar.

If you want to start over, just click on clear captures. The tool can be used for many scenarios including how-to videos, cooking videos and others.


  • Create notes from videos.
  • Capture up to 30 images and add accompanying notes.
  • Add a title to each note.
  • Print your notes or generate a PDF.
  • No registration required.