Find Your Lost Or Stolen Camera

Thieves beware. CameraTrace scours the internet searching for photos that were taken with your camera to help police track it down and get it back for you.

Often cameras aren’t stolen, they’re simply lost. You’ll receive a Lost & Found Tag with a unique serial number to put on your camera to help you get it back.


  • Image monitoring to help find photos taken with your missing camera.
  • Lost and found tag to help someone who finds your camera get it back to you.
  • Assistance is getting the lost or stolen camera back and saving you the risk.
  • Copyright protection for the photos you upload.


XnView updated to 1.98.7

XnView is one of the most powerful photo viewers out there and probably the thing that attracts so many users is its freeware license.

But what’s more important is that XnView has so many features that it can easily challenge all the other tools in the same software category, regardless of their names and developer.

The interface is absolutely amazing, as it’s highly-customizable and impressively easy to use. Although it might be a bit overwhelming at the first glance, XnView lets you modify most of the things about its interface, including toolbars and buttons.

But the greatest thing does not reside in its interface, but under the hood. Right click any picture you want and a whole new dimension opens its doors. The context menu allows you to start a batch conversion or renaming, send the photo by email, move or copy it to a certain folder, tag and rate it, set it as wallpaper and many, many other things.

What we found really impressive during our test was the quick conversion feature that lets you right click a photo and convert it into JPEG, TIFF, BMP and PNG formats in a second. Of course, the batch processes work like a charm every time and it’s all about configuration this time. Just make the settings you want, pick the photos you want to work it and let the app do its magic. All things considered, XnView is definitely one of the best tools of its kind, so if you’re looking for a freeware photo viewer and converter, this one should be one of your top picks.


Wenovo – Get The Color Palette Of Any Image On Your Computer

Pictures to color pallete freeware to get colors in a picture helps creating color scheme for graphic design or web template design. Easy copy paste color values while designing with colors.

Supporting major picture formats including PNG and photoshop PSD. Able to export color palletes in to HTML file.


  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Windows.
  • Lets you get color palette of digital pictures.
  • Supports wide number of file formats.
  • Provides you with HEX, RGB, HSB, and HSL codes for colors.
  • Lets you export palette to HTML file.


JPEG Lossless Rotator

When photos are taken, the camera may be held in different orientations, which makes it necessary to rotate some photos to display them correctly on the computer screen. To rotate a JPEG photo, most image editors decode the photo, rotate the bitmap and then re-encode it back to JPEG. This process decreases the final image quality. Unlike those tools, the JPEG Lossless Rotator does not recode the images and performs a special lossless block transformation instead, which helps to preserve the quality of the images. In addition, JPEG Lossless Rotator has a very simple multilingual interface and is very easy to use even for inexperienced computer users.


  • Shell integration (this allows you to rotate your JPEG photos by a right-click on the file)
  • Automatic rotation
  • Batch rotation
  • EXIF-data display
  • Flipping, deletion and renaming of files
  • Command line
  • Multilingual interface: Albanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

Freeware for private non-commercial or educational use, including non-profit organization.


WinMorph – Free Software for Morphing Images

Morph, warp and distort images in a professional and high quality way. This program gives you all the freedom you could possibly ask for from a free package.

It works as standalone application or as a plugin for various video editors, it offers advanced keyframing, blending and distortion tools for total control and can even do dynamic morphing with various input(JPEG, BMP, PCX, PNG, PBM, TGA, TIFF) and output (JPEG, BMP, PNG,TGA, TIFF, AVI, MPEG and SWF) file formats. Are you sold, yet?

Distributed as freeware for business or personal use.