iaza – Free online image conversion

There are thousands of tools on the web that let you do a resize, convert to PNG or some other specific function. Iaza does them all. Iaza is one of the most feature-rich web apps to convert, edit, mix and create images online. You can convert images to 5 different formats, enhance or adjust the image, or tweak contrast, brightness, sharpness and more.

In terms of editing, you can rotate, crop, resize, trim, spin, stretch, flip, deform or blur an image. You can apply various styles and effects as well as animate the image. All you need to do is upload an image from your computer or enter the URL of an online image, and start playing around. The web version requires no registration and the app is also available on iPhone and Android.


  • Convert & edit photos online.
  • Convert image between 5 different formats.
  • Enhance, adjust or tweak image with tens of options.
  • Animate or add new effects.

Visit: iaza.com

Easily Set Up A Customizable Slideshow For Your WordPress Blog

Do you want to put up a slideshow for the images on your WordPress blog or site? Normally to accomplish this you would have to tackle with some coding issues. But with the help of Easy Gallery Manager, you can get the WordPress slideshow without dealing with any code at all.

Easy Gallery Manager is a WordPress plug-in with a download size of 32KB. In order to download it you simply have to share the site’s URL with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. With the plug-in downloaded and installed, your jQuery slideshow on WordPress initiates. To organize the images you simply drag’n’drop them. The plug-in also provides you with numerous customization options that let you change the transitioning, timing, and other aspects of the slideshow.


  • A user friendly web tool.
  • Comes as WordPress plug-in.
  • Lets you easily setup a jQuery slideshow without having to code anything.
  • The slideshow can be easily customized.

Visit: easygallerymanager

Pummelvision creates beautiful videos from Flickr and Facebook images

Pummelvision flashes your life before your eyes using photos from around the web.
This is a service designed to grab your photos and pummel them into a short YouTube or Vimeo montage for you. Instead of watching a slow slideshow of your photos, you’re hammered with hundreds of them in a few short minutes. It’s quite a blast to see your pictures thrown back at you like this!

Before you start, keep in mind that this is a public tool. When you make a Pummelvision clip of your photos, the video clip will be featured in the Pummelvision gallery and publicly on your YouTube/Vimeo channel. Don’t use private photos!

You can make Pummelvision clips from all sorts of online photo collections including Flickr, Dropbox, Tumblr, DailyBooth or Facebook. All options except Tumblr use a form of secure authentication. Tumblr is simply brought in via URL. There are no extra security options, so private photos in these collections will be included. If unsure, don’t connect a service where you might have private photos.

Visit: pummelvision.com

Strobox – View & Share Photos With Their Lighting Setups

Lighting plays a vital role when it comes to taking a good picture. Sites like Flickr let you view billions of photos and some of them are really amazing but there is no way for you to know how that photo was shot. Strobox is a photo sharing community that focuses on sharing photos with lighting schemes.

Start by viewing the photo gallery and then click on any picture to see a complete lighting diagram and the details of the equipment and settings used. The lighting diagram can easily be created by using the Strobox iPhone app. You can search photos by the type of light used or by category. Interact with other users by posting comments on photos or share your genius by uploading photos to Strobox.


  • View photos along with their lighting schemes.
  • Upload your own photos.
  • Ask questions or post comments on photos.
  • Search by category or type of light used.
  • Browse through recently uploaded images.

Visit: strobox.com

Easily Remove Objects From Images Online

While the new age online image editing tools are quite capable in carrying out some advanced image editing tasks, when it comes to flawlessly removing objects or certain portions of an image, offline tools are your best bet. However, if you can’t afford the likes of Photoshop or Snagit, then Webinpaint is something you should try. It can help you quickly remove things that are undesirable in an image.

The process is simple. Just upload the image (no need to sign up), paint the portion of the image you want to remove with the mouse cursor, click the “Inpaint” button and you are done. You can download the modified image to your computer. There are options to zoom in and zoom out in case you need them.


  • Remove objects from photos online.
  • No registration required.
  • Simple options to paint and remove objects.
  • Zoom in and zoom out options available.

Visit: webinpaint.com