Sketchpad is a web-based painting app that doesn’t use Flash

It’s a bit early to start claiming that Flash’s days are numbered, but there are a few of us that are frustrated with Flash’s performance sketchpad(and crashiness). If you’re starting to get frustrated about dealing with Flash, but are still craving full-featured web applications, there’s some good news on the horizon. New apps are starting to get developed with comparable functionality to Flash, but with no Flash in sight. Sketchpad is a great example of this.

Sketchpad is a nicely designed web-based painting and drawing application. It’s not going to replace Photoshop, but it’s certainly full-featured and fast enough for quick edits. In fact, Sketchpad is surprisingly frugal with processor cycles, and snappier than I’ve come to expect from similar web apps.

Visit: Sketchpad

Find inspiration with Ideas

When you visit Ideas, you are presented with a large search box, beside which sits a button that simply states, “inspire ideasme!” Type in a word, and the site will present you with a series of sets of information that is somehow related to the word entered. If you’re feeling bereft of ideas for even a word to enter, a few examples are provided such as aircraft, love, beauty, sorrow, yes, red, winter, home, Africa, kiss.

Depending on the word you enter, Ideas may or may not be able to find examples of the following types:

  • Famous quote
  • Creative Commons licensed photos from Flickr
  • Color swatches from
  • Songs from
  • Related words from
  • Videos from
  • Listings from
  • Bookmarks from
  • Article from

What a great way for creative people that are looking for a little boost in the inspiration department to start with a specific word and serendipitously follow a trail to something that may well inspire them.

Visit: Ideas